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  1. Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0
    The Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0 continues Project WET’s dedication to 21st-century, cutting-edge water education. Now in full color, Guide 2.0 offers new activities on topics such as National Parks and storm water, fully revised and updated activities from the original Guide and the very best activities gathered from all of Project WET’s publications. Learn More
  2. Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0 SAMPLER
    Featuring seven water-science activities carefully selected from the award-winning, NSTA-recommended Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0, the Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0 SAMPLER offers a mixture of new activities and updated versions of old favorites. Learn More
  3. Healthy Water, Healthy People: Water Quality Educator Guide
    This 248-page activity guide for educators of students in grades six through university level raises the awareness and understanding of water quality issues and their relationship to personal, public and environmental health. Learn More
  4. WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands: An Educator Guide

    With 70 pages of background material followed by more than 40 cross-referenced activities, this guide is a valuable resource for K-12 teachers.

    Learn More
  5. Discover a Watershed: Watershed Manager
    This guide contains 19 science-based, multidisciplinary activities that teach what a watershed is, how it works and why we must all consider ourselves watershed managers. Learn More
  6. Discover a Watershed: The Colorado
    This engaging, informative educators' guide provides detailed background information about the Colorado Watershed. Its reference section contains 25 science-based, multidisciplinary, hands-on activities that teach about hydrology, geography, geology, ecology, tribes, history, cultures, economics, management issues and resource stewardship. Learn More
  7. Discover a Watershed: The Missouri
    Actively engaging students with 36 science-based, multidisciplinary, hands-on activities, this award-winning educators' guide covers the Missouri Basin’s hydrology, geology, geography, tribes, settlement, cities, agriculture, industry, recreation, navigation, plant and animal species, issues, management and stewardship. Learn More
  8. Conserve Water Educator Guide
    This comprehensive educators' guide provides teachers of middle school and high school students with a thorough overview of water conservation, along with background information that serves as a hydrologic primer. Learn More
  9. Arizona Conserve Water: Educator Guide
    This 350-page, full-color book provides a thorough study of Arizona water resources from a water conservation perspective. Its background section contains maps, graphs, diagrams and photos that facilitate the teaching of 15 interactive, multi-disciplinary lessons to K-12 students. In addition, 10 Arizona case studies are highlighted to provide secondary students with an in-depth opportunity to exercise their problem-solving skills, while learning about real-world water conservation solutions. Learn More
  10. Water and Education: Latin America SAMPLER, SPANISH / Agua y Educación: Actividades selectivas ESPAÑOL, PDF EBOOK
    Customized for a Latin American audience and translated into Spanish, this educators guide contains seven engaging, interactive activities on various water topics ranging from watersheds to water in our bodies.

    Adaptado para la gente latinoamericana y traducido al español, esta Guía de Educadores contiene siete actividades didácticas en varios temas hídricos desde cuencas a la cantidad de agua en nuestros cuerpos. Learn More

Items 11-20 of 22

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