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  1. $4.95
    Water Cycle Poster, PDF DOWNLOAD
    Download a PDF of this popular poster, an excellent tool for teaching the water cycle. Learn More
  2. $4.95
    Nile River Poster, PDF DOWNLOAD
    Add a splash of color to your classroom while immersing students in fascinating facts about the world's longest river. Just by putting it up on your wall, everyone who catches a glimpse will be treated to a vicarious voyage on the Nile. Learn More
  3. $0.00
    Handwashing Posters - Choose Your Language!

    Handwashing is the simplest, most effective way of preventing germs from spreading. These colorful posters are the perfect way to remind children and adults about the importance of handwashing. They're the perfect tools for teachers, parents, administrators and child care and health care providers. Coloring page versions are also available for download.

    Learn More
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    Chichewa ABC Poster PDF DOWNLOAD
    This full-color poster is available to download instantly for free! Learn More
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    Healthy Water, Healthy Rio Poster / Para onde vai a sua água? (PORTUGUESE), PDF DOWNLOAD
    This downloadable poster helps teach children about the Rio de Janeiro Watershed. Part of a four-piece module that includes a coloring book, an activity booklet, and an educators’ guide. All text is in Portuguese. Learn More
  6. $4.95
    Colorado River Watershed Map, PDF DOWNLOAD
    This 26" x 38" downloadable wall map of the Colorado River Watershed shows tributaries, water management infrastructure (dams, diversions, canals, pipelines and reservoirs), cities, reservations and national parks. Water allocation, population information and color photos included. Learn More
  7. $9.95
    The Water Cycle Poster
    This ever-popular poster is an excellent tool for teachers to educate children about the water cycle. Learn More
  8. $4.95
    Colorado River Watershed Map, SPANISH / Mapa de la Cuenca del Río Colorado
    La misma versión inglesa pero con texto en español! Este mapa de pared de la Cuenca del Río Colorado se incluye con Descubre una Cuenca: Guía para Educadores del Río Colorado, pero también puede comprarse por separado. El mapa muestra tributarios, infraestructura para el manejo del agua (represas, desvíos, canales, tuberías y reservorios) ciudades, reservaciones y parques nacionales. Asignaciones del recurso agua, información sobre población y fotos de color incluidas. Learn More

8 Items

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