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Discover the Waters of Lake Tahoe, KIDs Activity Booklet

Discover the Waters of Lake Tahoe, KIDs Activity Booklet

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Children ages eight to twelve explore the waters of Lake Tahoe in this colorful and engaging activity booklet focused on the fascinating water science of this unique and important lake.

Field tested by educators and students, vetted by scientists and Lake Tahoe experts, and correlated to the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.

Topics include: an overview of the Lake Tahoe Basin and Truckee River Watershed; the human history of the Lake Tahoe Basin; climate change and Lake Tahoe; the many uses of Lake Tahoe’s waters; Lake Tahoe’s extraordinary clarity; aquatic invasive species; actions children can take to protect Lake Tahoe’s waters.

The booklet features seven educational activities:
• “Up from the Depths” (Teaches about how deep Lake Tahoe is.)
• “Change the Land, Change the Water” (Shows how the ways we use the land can affect our water.)
• “Mix It Up” (Explores how water temperature and density cause the lake to mix.)
• “Water U-sers” (Demonstrates how we all share Lake Tahoe’s waters.)
• “I Can See Clearly Now” (Shows how fine sediment affects clarity.)
• “The Usual Suspects” (Identifies aquatic invasive species in Lake Tahoe, as well as those we want to keep out.)
• “Race to the Surface” (Teaches about best management practices for Lake Tahoe.)

Includes overview map, color illustrations throughout, and 19 color photographs.

Funding for this project was provided by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection.

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grade level : Upper Elementary, Middle School
binding : saddle-stitched
isbn : 978-0-9857384-4-0
language : English
subject : Math, Technology, Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, Geography, History, Economics, Environmental Education
topic : Water Quality, Water Conservation, Watersheds, Native American, Regional Watersheds, Oceans, General Water, Water History, Ground Water
total pages : 16
trim : 8.375 x 10.875