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Discover the Waters of Tennessee KIDs Activity Booklet

Discover the Waters of Tennessee KIDs Activity Booklet

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Discover the Waters of Tennessee highlights the state's unique water resources with fun, interDraft lessons that teach students about everything from watersheds to flooding.
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From the Appalachian Trail and the Great Smoky Mountains to the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, Tennessee is unique and rich in both history and natural wonders. This 16-page booklet incorporates fun, hands-on activities for students to learn about watersheds, plants, animals, flooding and other topics in addition to stewardship of the state's water resources.

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grade level : Upper Elementary,Middle School
full color : Full Color
isbn : 978-1-888631-70-8
language : English
subject : Math,Social Studies,Science,Geography,History,Economics,Environmental Education
topic : Watersheds,Regional Watersheds
total pages : 16