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"Incredible Journey" Activity Dice PDF DOWNLOAD

"Incredible Journey" Activity Dice PDF DOWNLOAD

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Incredible Journey Cubes Download

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These easy-to-assemble dice accompany the popular Project WET activity the "Incredible Journey," and is also featured in the award-winning Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0 and the Discover Floods Educators Guide.

Creating your own "Incredible Journey" activity dice
is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Download the PDF.
2. Print the desired option.
3. Assemble the activity dice according to the instructions
included in the PDF.

The activity dice feature three options:
• 11x17-inch paper option—makes nine 3-inch cubes
• 8.5x11-inch paper option—makes nine 2-inch cubes
• Sticky label option—makes labels for nine 3-inch boxes (label paper and boxes not included)

Other materials needed for the "Incredible Journey” activity:
Station markers for the “Incredible Journey” are available for download. Click here to purchase.

Spanish version:
“Incredible Journey” activity dice and station marker downloads are also available in Spanish. Click here for Spanish activity dice. Click here for Spanish station markers.

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grade level : Pre-K - 2, Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School
topic : General Water