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Wash Those Germs Away (Wash Your Hands) Poster, PDF DOWNLOAD

Wash Those Germs Away (Wash Your Hands) Poster, PDF DOWNLOAD

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Hand washing is the simplest, most effective way of preventing germs from spreading. And this colorful Wash Your Hands Poster is the perfect way to remind children and teachers about the importance of hand washing. Excellent tool for teachers, parents, administrators and child care and health care providers.

We suggest printing this poster and hanging it on fridges, in bathrooms and on bulletin boards where others can see it. Because washing your hands helps you avoid catching a cold, the flu or other infectious diseases, hand washing is an important healthy habit! Size 11 x17 inches.

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grade level : Pre-K - 2, Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School
language : English
subject : Health
topic : Sanitation and Hygiene
total pages : 1