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Water Cycle Teaching Resource Pack DOWNLOAD

Water Cycle Teaching Resource Pack DOWNLOAD

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Water Cycle Teaching Resource Pack (download) includes the following items:

  • 1 "Incredible Journey" Activity (PDF download)
  • 9 "Incredible Journey" Station Markers (PDF download)
  • 9 "Incredible Journey" Cubes (PDF download)
  • 1 "Incredible Journey" Screencast (mp4 download)
  • 1 Water Cycle Poster (PDF download)


Designed specifically for educators teaching the water cycle to children ages 8 to 12, this comprehensive Water Cycle Teaching Resource Pack includes the popular “Incredible Journey” Activity, nine Station Markers and Activity Dice, colorful Water Cycle Poster and a Screencast to give educators all of the background information needed for teaching the water cycle.

All of the items in the Water Cycle Teaching Resource Pack are available as downloads, for easy and immediate use.

With the roll of the die, students simulate the movement of water within the water cycle. Fun and extremely popular, the “Incredible Journey” activity has been used by educators around the world.

The colorful Water Cycle Poster can be printed 11 x 17 on a personal printer, used digitally on a projector or computer screen for lessons or printed by your local print shop for display on the classroom wall.

The four-minute Screencast will give you all of the information you need as an educator to teach and answer questions about the water cycle with confidence.

If you are an educator teaching the water cycle, the downloadable Water Cycle Teaching Resource Pack is the most comprehensive and affordable set of materials available on this important topic. These resources can also easily be used in flipped classroom lessons.

Please note: Only one download of each item per purchase.

Standards Correlations:

  • The “Incredible Journey” activity is correlated to Common Core English Language Arts Standards: RST.6-12.7; W.3-12.2; WHST.6-12.2
  • The “Incredible Journey” activity is correlated to Next Generation Science Standards: MS-ESS2-2; MS-ESS2-4; MS-ESS2-6

More Information

correlations : Common Core English Language Arts, National Science Standards Framework, Next Generation Science Standards
grade level : Upper Elementary, Middle School
language : English
subject : Social Studies, Language Arts, Science
topic : General Water