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Water: Every Drop Counts KIDs Activity Booklet

Water: Every Drop Counts KIDs Activity Booklet

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Discover the importance of water conservation with 'Water, Every Drop Counts,' an engaging kids' activity booklet. This vibrant and fun-filled resource teaches children how water issues impact our daily lives and connect all living things globally. Packed with colorful illustrations and interactive activities, this booklet makes learning about water conservation both exciting and educational. Perfect for classrooms and at-home learning, 'Water, Every Drop Counts' inspires young minds to value and protect our precious water resources.

Awards: Finalist, 2005 EdPress Distinguished Achievement Awards (Association of Educational Publishers), Instructional Materials category

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grade level : Upper Elementary, Middle School
isbn : 978-1-888631-35-7
language : English
subject : Math, Health, Social Studies, Science, Geography, Environmental Education
topic : Water Conservation
total pages : 16