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Watershed Protection KIDs Activity Booklet, PDF EBOOK

Watershed Protection KIDs Activity Booklet, PDF EBOOK

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Watershed Protection

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Shedding light on water!

Explore the world of watersheds with our vibrant 'Watershed Protection' kids' activity booklet. Children will discover how to protect diverse habitats and the various life forms within them. Packed with engaging activities, this educational resource brings watersheds to life and ensures students absorb every drop of valuable information. Perfect for classroom use and at-home learning, 'Watershed Protection' empowers young minds to become stewards of our natural environments.


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grade level : Upper Elementary, Middle School
isbn : 978-1-942416-38-8
language : English
subject : Technology, Language Arts, Science, Geography, History, Economics, Environmental Education
topic : Watersheds, Regional Watersheds, Oceans, General Water, Water History
total pages : 16